Solar Chargers


The storage of solar power is a particular challenge. Sunloads' research team and our network of capabilities have been being particularly active here for years and have extensive expertise regarding the effectiveness and safety of storing up solar power.

In particular, more powerful solar panels have to be very efficiently controlled. Our solar chargers are universal, in line with our philosophy and can be combined with a variety of different modules. These devices have a high level of intelligence: a control of the "maximum-power-point" (MPP), a sophisticated energy and battery management , and an accurate monitaoring of temperature, charge and discharge are features to which we attach particular importance.

The M5 is our “small” MultECon Charger (Multi-Energy-Controller) with integrated high power Li-Ion-battery and unique measuring functions. With the M5 you can charge cellphones, iPhone, MP3-player, digital cameras (some models), GPS- and other small devices. The M5 fits perfectly to portable solar panels, but it’s also possible to charge it by car or power supply.

The M60 is a MultECon Charger (Multi-Energy-Controller) with an integrated Li-Ion-battery with high capacity (68Wh) – it is compatible with portable solar panels. It can be also used with 12V automotive energy or 100V-240V power supply. The output ports (12V/USB) can be used while charging the internal Li-Ion-battery. MPP-Tracking increases the solar power and the intelligent energy management minimizes the energy consumption. M60 is suiting for loading / supplying of powerful devices as notebooks, energy saving lamp, mobile phones, smart phones (for example, iPhone), MP3-player, digital cameras, video cameras (accessories are necessary), GPS, etc. For example, notebooks can be loaded 1-2 times, mobile phones – up to 30 times. M60 has 3 separate switchable, simultaneous usable output ports (2 x USB + 1 x 12V automotive power supply) and an integrated loading box for NiMH-batteries (AA/AAA)

The mVELO is particularly suitable for mobile use for pedelecs / eBikes. It can powered from solar panels, 12-CLA adapter or wall plug. The display provides important information about the loading process - for those who want to know!

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