FAQ - M60 MultECon Charger



What devices can I charge or operate with my M60/MultECon Charger?


You can charge and operate all CLA- and USB-adapter-chargable electrical small devices on the M60/MultECon Charger – i.e. cell phones, satellite telephones, MP3 players, PDA's, game players, GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, digital camcorders and even notebooks! If you want to operate notebooks with solar power, we seriously recommend the use of an additional solar folding module. Just ask us for a recommendation before making your purchase. We will be happy to adjust the product configuration to meet your needs.
One of the special features of our M60/MultECon Charger is the option to supply several devices with power at once. The three jacks of the M60/MultECon Charger (1 x 12V CLA and 2 x USB) can also be used at the same time. Also, you can charge two standard accumulators of the type AA and 2 accumulators of the type AAA.


How do I connect my cell phone or notebook to the M60/MultECon Charger?


It is very easy. The M60/MultECon Charger is equipped with a car lighter adapter (CLA) and two USB slots. Simply use the car (CLA) or USB adapter for your cell phone or the car (CLA) adapter for your notebook. If you don’t have one of these adapters, you can order one from us. We have brand name universal adapters for cell phones, universal adapters for small devices and notebook adapters in our program.

.How can I tell if my M60/MultECon Charger is working?

The M60/MultECon Charger has an easy user interface with which you can see the charging status of the internal accumulator, the charging process itself etc. at all times. The easiest thing to do is simply switch on the M60/MultECon Charger and connect the cell phone or small device and look at the charging display of the end device: If this indicates that the device is currently charging, the SCGII is working (Don’t forget to turn the M60/MultECon Charger on beforehand!).

 It is possible for the M60/MultECon Charger to discharge the battery of my end device?

The M60/MultECon Charger has several integrated safety levels to protect your end devices. Naturally, these also include a micro processor-controlled discharging protection feature.

 Can I operate my external devices on the M60/MultECon Charger whilst this is charging?

Yes. With the Solar Power Banks from SUNLOAD you can operate external devices even while the internal accumulator is charging.

 What do I need to watch out for when using it outdoors?

The Solar Power Bank should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It can be used in the temperature range between 0°C and 50°C. Outside this range, it will switch itself off automatically.

 What happens if I forget to switch off the M60/MultECon Charger?


The integrated energy management system of the M60/MultECon Charger prevents fast self-discharging. However, the device should be charged every three months if not in use.