FAQ - Solar Panels

How can I find out if my solar panel works?

You can observe the charging status or display on the connected devices that show the charging process or measure the power or voltage with a universal measuring device.

Does the solar panel need to be disconnected from the end device after charging?

Solar panels that have a blocking diode can remain connected at all times. This prevents the devices and batteries from discharging. The solar panels supplied by SSUNLOAD usually have a blocking diode. Please see the data sheet information in the product description.

Can a solar panel supply solar power indoors?

This is usually not possible. A certain amount of functionality can only be achieved if there is strong halogen lighting. Behind normal window glass (not heat protection glas) reduced solar power can be collected if the sun shines outside.

What do I need to be aware of when directly connecting an end device to a solar panel?

Solar panels without integrated voltage limiters have a so-called open-circuit voltage. This can be over 25V and lead to damage of the end device without an upstream solar charging device or a suitable voltage limiter. Please check the allowed incoming voltages of your end devices and, to be on the safe side, ask the SUNLOAD service, whether and how direct operation of your end device is possible.

Can I charge my notebook directly with a solar panel?

There is no universal solution for the various notebooks, as the devices are all different models and have different charging voltages. We recommend using a Solar Power Bank or a voltage limiter in combination with a car charging adapter. Please contact us, we will be happy to answer your specific question.