Ascent Solar

Ascent Solar's WaveSol™ Mobile flexible thin-film modules for EIPV are specifically produced for integrating solar power into electronic devices and consumer products. WaveSol™ Light modules are manufactured on ultra-thin plastic substrates, which provide the flexibility necessary for easy integration to all types of materials including fabrics and plastics. Ascent Solar's CIGS technology offers the greatest power per space compared to other available technologies, making solar-powered consumer products a reality.

Ascent Solar's WaveSol™ Mobile Modules: At-A-Glance

Highest energy density available on thin-film PVs

Manufactured on plastic

Requires fewer balance of system components

Lightweight form factor

Flexibility provides the opportunity to solar power a multitude of

consumer products.

A realistic source of clean, renewable energy

Product Benefits for Electronic Integration

The lightweight, yet powerful Ascent Solar WaveSol™ Mobile modules make it easy to directly integrate solar power into a limitless number of consumer products that benefit from portable power, including fabrics and non-flat surfaces. The power density of the thin-film, CIGS technology makes it the preferred solution for meeting the energy needs of solar-powered consumer products such as laptop computers, tents, off-grid LED lighting, blankets and more. 

Most Powerful

WaveSol™ Mobile modules offer the greatest power density compared to other available technologies. The power these modules produce can replace heavy, traditional batteries, eliminate the need for extra power boosters and bring the advantage of solar power to new consumer products.

Maximum Portability

WaveSol™ Mobile modules are created on plastic, not glass, which makes them significantly lighter and more durable. The flexibility of the plastic substrate allows for solar panels to be sewn into fabric or placed in areas previously unavailable for solar energy production.

Clean, Alternative Energy Source

WaveSol™ Mobile modules harness the power of the sun to provide an alternative energy source that reduces the use of chemicals found in traditional batteries.

Lightweight Energy Source

WaveSol™ Mobile high efficiency solar modules, created using thin-film PV technology, are up to 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery. Just one hour of direct sunlight will power 40 minutes of usage.