We provide concepts, products and support for happy customers - and we mean it seriously. That clearly distinct us from the many imported products with short life cycles and  dubious benefit for the customers.


If you show solar know how you follow the biggest trend nowadays, because renewable energies are now more important than ever for consumers who are more willing to invest in sustainability.  The group of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) is growing steadily. But also customers without a solar plant on their roof are interested in smaller (mobile) solutions. For more profit, a variety of sophisticated cross-selling and up-selling products.


A useful faily of products with different target groups gives you  the possibility to sell through competence. Quality certifications provide value and round off the overall impression.


A German manufacturer with German support, by telephone or email for you and your customers - free of charge. Extensive flyer material, finished file packages and custom solutions for your website thank to our graphic designer can save time and money in the house.

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